17 Apr

Skirmishes in the GMO Labeling War

by GMO Skeptic


The New York Times had an article recently on the increasing proliferation of GMO labeling despite the dark forces allayed against this common-sense form of consumer information. This follows on the heels of recent news articles about how the world has reached Peak Food level on many commodities despite claims by GMO pushers that genetic engineering of food has solved world hunger.

From the Times:

And while interest groups and advocates wage war in state legislatures, on ballots and in Congress over what should be disclosed on product labels, products certified as not containing genetically modified organisms are proliferating on grocery shelves without any nationwide mandatory regulations.

Moreover, many manufacturers are nodding to the public debate, adding the phrase “non-G.M.O.” to their packaging without a verification process.

New York Times

The article goes on to discuss recent polling on the subject:

Yet in poll after poll, consumers have overwhelmingly said they want labels on foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Most recently, 66 percent of respondents to an Associated Press-GfK poll last month said they wanted foods containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. Only 7 percent did not want such labeling.


And, of course, no discussion of GMOs would be complete without pointing out the main funder of the democracy-killing fight against voter referendums on GMO labeling. Chief among them are the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), which provides the following “information” on it’s helpful website, which also contains the usual Roundup® of talking points for GMO pushers:

Providing consumers with safe products is our number one priority, and we understand that some consumers have questions about genetically modified food ingredients. The use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients is not only safe for people and our planet, but also has a number of important benefits.

The ‘Facts’ About GMO

The good news, as pointed out in the Times article, is that despite the best efforts and lavish spending of those with vested financial interest in the success of GMO products, the “invisible hand” of the market is working and consumers are being presented with the information they need to make an educated choice about what to feed their families. We must keep encouraging the government (We’re talking about you, FDA) to catch up with the will of the people. It’s the progressive thing to do.

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