17 Apr

Do GMOs Answer to a Higher Authority?

by GMO Skeptic


You’ve probably seen the long-running ad campaign by Hebrew National with the tagline “We answer to a higher authority”. The slogan, introduced in 1965 and popularized in TV advertising since 1975, made kosher synonymous with high quality in many consumers’ minds, and worked particularly well for Hebrew National hot dogs. After all, if G-d approves, they must be good. in fact, three-fourths of the brand’s purchasers are not even Jewish, so market penetration has indeed been heavenly.

A newer campaign uses the slogan “When your hot dog’s kosher, that’s a hot dog you can trust”, spring-boarding off the earlier ad’s huge success in linking kosher with better.

17 Apr

Valuing GMO Producer Choice Over Consumer Choice

by GMO Skeptic


A comment in a recent post has us thinking about choice. Specifically, who should we allow to make choices for us and under what circumstances? That comment stated “I’m a veggie so I’ll pass on the pig.” Well, lots of people choose to pass on the pig: Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, and a variety of people who, for health reasons or because of advice from pop culture physicians like the good Drs. Mercola and Oz, choose to avoid particular foods.

25 May

The Money Behind the GMO Debate, Part 1

by GMO Skeptic


GMO proponents often proclaim that science is highly united in vociferous support for including genetically manipulated ingredients in the human food supply. Some go so far as to claim that the unanimity equals that of climate science, where more than 97% of scientists believe that mankind’s activities contribute to changes affecting the only known livable planet in our solar system.

But is that really true? Are scientists really in near total agreement? And, unlike climate scientists, where few if any on the “yes, climate change is real” side are bankrolled by or employed by or associated with the fossil fuel industry, how many participants in the Great GMO War are connected to or funded by the GMO industry?