About Us

A GMO Skeptic is a person who thinks genetic engineering may hold promise in certain circumstances but is concerned about one or more of the following issues:

  • Business practices of GMO corporations
  • Paucity of human testing of GMOs
  • Using hundreds of millions of humans as GMO guinea pigs
  • Potential environmental side-effects of GMO crops
  • GMO resistance in insect populations
  • Attitude problems of GMO supporters and producers

This website, GMOSkeptic.com, was created as a neutral and safe place where persons concerned about GMOs can meet and discuss their concerns, get answers to their questions, and share current and accurate information about GMOs. In addition, the site contains resources that will help you avoid genetically modified foods should you so desire, links to news stories both pro and con about the technology, and access to a community of like-minded people.

We don’t think GMOs are the devil’s spawn. Neither do we see them as totally benevolent. There have been problems, much more research must be conducted, and freedom of choice demands product labeling that tells consumers when a product contains GMOs and informs them where they can get more detailed information about the product, such as a GMO content section on the manufacturer’s website.

To keep a civil and productive environment, we edit user contributed articles and moderate all comments. Lively discussion is encouraged but abuse will not be tolerated and bullies will have their accounts terminated with a permanent ban from the community. Likewise, racist or sexist or otherwise unacceptable submissions and comments will be deleted, and repeated instances will result in termination.

That being said, the main goals are to have fun, get informed, and be as social as you want to be. Or not. It’s up to you.

Welcome to GMO Skeptic!